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Family Newsletter | Volume 1, Issue 2

Family Newsletter: Volume 1 / Issue 2

by Kelly Pynos, Administrator


We are pleased to announce a new feature on our website that enables communication with your loved one. You can send text messages, share photos and videos or request a video call.

Moving Forward with New Leadership

The past 11 weeks have been challenging, to say the least. However, I am very pleased to report that the worst of it is behind us! As of today, we have nearly eliminated the COVID-19 virus in the facility and only 1 resident remains in COVID isolation as a precautionary measure. Because the virus is still a threat in the community, in addition to keeping universal infection control standards in place, we will continue to require all staff to be screened daily and to wear face masks. Unfortunately, visitation to the facility is still restricted to health care personnel only.

As we move forward, we are as committed as ever to our ongoing quality improvement initiatives. Since the middle of 2019, we have been working to assemble a team of qualified individuals who share our vision of providing a high quality of care in a safe and comfortable environment. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to make another significant leadership change by reappointing George M. Gavin, MD as the Medical Director of our campus. Dr. Gavin played a significant role in managing our COVID outbreak, and I am confident that with his continued guidance and support, we will achieve our goal of being the provider of choice in our community. In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Please join Bobbi Koffman, Director of Nursing, and me in welcoming Dr. Gavin as we come together to create a successful team dedicated to serving our residents.

While we are not yet able to say that this outbreak is completely behind us, we are experiencing positive change that you can see and feel. We recognize that you have had to completely place your trust in us to care for and support you and your loved ones over the last few months, and we appreciate that faith. We are looking forward to reopening our doors and seeing you all again very soon!

Up-to-Date Statistics

  • Current positive cases in-house: 1
  • Number of residents who have recovered: 19
  • Number of residents who remain virus-free: 54

Legionella Bacteria Update

On April 20, 2020, Loyalhanna Care Center received a laboratory report that showed traces of legionella bacteria in water samples taken as part of our routine testing. The facility immediately initiated an emergency water plan, which included utilization of bottled potable water for drinking, cooking, and bathing and the installation of FDA Certified Filters on sinks and showers throughout the facility. The remediation process included a 24-hour hyper-chlorinated disinfection of the entire water system on 5/1/2020, after which water samples were collected from 35 access points throughout the facility for re-testing. We received the results of those tests on 5/15/2020, which indicated no trace of the legionella bacteria in any of the 35 samples; therefore, the remediation was declared to be 100% successful. Although no one showed signs or symptoms of Legionnaire’s, the disease associated with legionella bacteria, susceptible residents were tested per physician’s orders. Fortunately, there were no cases of Legionnaire’s detected, and we have resumed full use of our water system. It was a bit like adding injury to insult in the midst of our COVID outbreak; but once again, our team stepped up to address the concern as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there was ever any doubt of the value of routine water testing, all traces have disappeared (pun intended)!

Resident & Staff-created COVID-19 Quilt of Hope

Cinco de Mayo Cart for Residents

Traveling Carnival Cart for Residents

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