Loyalhanna Senior Suites and Personal Care residents have been enjoying the fruits of summer, with
many more trips to the local farmers market, remaining in the early fall season. Residents enjoyed
orchard peaches, smaller doughnut peaches, black cherries, tart cherries and blueberries. Naturally
we used these fresh fruits in breakfast foods, such as blueberry pancakes, and desserts such as peach
and blueberry cobbler.

Corn on the cob, peppers, onions and tomatoes, some from our own patio garden, were incorporated
into stuffed peppers, tomatoes made delicious sauce for pasta dishes, and great for our salads and
burger toppings! We even have some residents requesting the spicy dish, jalapeno poppers!
Fall is in the air and the apple selection is varied with Honeycrisp, Zester, and Rambo, which will
provide chunky homemade apple sauce, apple crisp, and apple pies. Naturally, a plan fresh apple,
sliced and served with cheese is a popular option.

Kudoes, to our Food Service Director, Pat Steimer, for her keen shopping, and creative talent in our
kitchen. Um, Um Good!