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by Kelly Pynos

We all know the famous saying, “there is no I in team work.” While every person has different talents and skills, being part of a strong team enables us all to highlight our strengths and to overcome our weaknesses and fears. At a time like this, the level of commitment and support our staff have shown to not only each other but to our residents is heroic, to say the least.
As we began the New Year, no one could’ve possibly imagined we’d be in the position we are now; as many healthcare facilities are globally. The amount of support we continue to have through good and bad is humbling; from our residents, staff and their families to our local businesses and community. We are grateful to be part of something so much more.

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced new challenges to all of our lives, but no one has been impacted more than our residents and their families. With facilities on lockdown, families had had a really hard time reaching out to their loved ones in such uncertain times.

In an effort to combat this problem, we have introduced the new Stay Connected Program – a website feature that allows friends and family to send text, photos, and/or video calls to residents at each facility.

While it sounds like a simple concept, the logistics behind this program have required a massive team effort between employees, and especially the Activities Directors of each building. They’ve done a fantastic job and helped process nearly 75 submissions in the first week alone!

Being able to keep our residents connected with their loved ones is invaluable and has allowed us to make the most of this situation. Thank you to the employees that have made this possible – your efforts mean more to our residents and their families than you could imagine!

Check out the Stay Connected page by clicking here!

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